Webinar with CEO & Founder Dr. Jo Varshney and Dr. John Earl from Clarivate: Using AI in Drug Development to Enhance Preclinical Translatability 

Increasing enthusiasm about the application of AI in drug development has made adopting deep technology a top priority for this year for biopharma/pharma. Predictive AI and ML techniques are well suited to extend to complexities like drug combinations, predicting toxicities, patient responsiveness across multiple modalities, translational differences across animal species in relation to later human effect and biological pathway discovery. 

When integrated with molecular and pharmacovigilance data, these techniques provide actionable insights that can guide novel candidate design, limit unnecessary experimentation, improve candidate safety confidence and increase the return on program investment.

Watch this webinar to learn how exactly AI and ML techniques are taking computational modeling and informatics to new domains of applicability in the drug development lifecycle.